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Content use/website material

Any use, copying, storage and sending of any kind of material of the website, such as logos, images, videos, texts, articles etc., which constitute an intellectual property of the company (administrator) is prohibited, unless the company has given its written consent.

Personal data/information

The company (administrator) collects contact data (e.g. email addresses) in order to provide information (e.g. newsletters) to the visitor and only after the latter’s consent. The website administrator shall make every effort to secure such data, as well as to adhere to the relevant laws and regulations as in force or amended. Therefore website visitors/users must periodically check these terms of use for possible changes. The company (administrator) does not transfer personal data collected from its website to third parties (unrelated to itself).

Informative messages

The company can, from time to time, send informative messages (newsletters) to users who have selected this service, while providing the possibility to stop/unsubscribe by sending a relevant email to itsupport@platonae.gr

Use of cookies

We inform you that we use cookies on this web page in order to improve your navigation on our website. Cookies are generally used for identification and optimisation purposes, through a very short informative text stored in the browser of the smartphone, tablet, or PC, and cannot cause any harm. You can set up and configure your browser accordingly.

For more information: https://el.wikipedia.org/wiki/HTTP_cookies

Trademarks/logos/intellectual property of third parties

Trademarks/logos/intellectual property of third parties that are mentioned or displayed are owned by their creators and are informative in nature. Works that are intellectual property of third parties and may be mentioned or displayed on the website belong to their authors/rightholders and can be removed at their request (itsupport@platonae.gr) within a reasonable period of time.

References from third-party websites

External third-party websites can make references to the www.platonae.gr website without reproducing its contents or presenting false information.


The website administrator shall make every effort to keep the website free from malware.

Limitation of Liability – Disclaimer – Dispute Resolution

The company (administrator) shall make every effort to keep the website secure, correct in content and free from malware, without providing any warranty or encouraging users to accept them as such. Therefore, the company (administrator) does not bear any liability or obligation (e.g. compensation payment) for any losses incurred by the user of the website.

The company (administrator) does not bear any liability and does not guarantee the continuous visibility of the website or the absence of errors (both in this website and/or in possible means of transmission/servers).

The company (administrator) is not responsible any third party advertisements that may appear on its website, which (advertisements) it will not have access to.

The company (administrator) does not encourage users and does not seek the acceptance, on their behalf, of any type of information listed on the website.

It is agreed that possible disputes arising from the use of the website (and the application of these terms) shall fall under the jurisdiction of the Courts of Thessaloniki, provided that any possibility of amicable resolution and understanding has been exhausted.