Our clients <br>come first

Our clients
come first

We have been a dynamically active service provider in primary healthcare since 1996. For more than 25 years we have been a responsible partner in the health sector, fully aware of its deep value. We keep shaping a broader vision of goals, conquests and innovation but, above all, a network of people including our associates and the clients we serve.


Knowing exactly what is going on is essential for one’s health. ‘Diagnosis’ comes from two ancient Greek words, the preposition dia, meaning “through”, and the verb gignosko, meaning “to know”; this makes it crystal clear that comprehensive knowledge leads to drawing reliable conclusions concerning our health. At PLATON DIAGNOSIS we keep growing and evolving through continuous advancement of our scientific knowledge and the wide application of state of the art medical technology.

Human values

People crown our priority scale. Through our daily practice we prove our anthropocentric philosophy in the entire range of our activities. We invest in the power of true communication, we believe in kindness, polite conduct and real interest. We listen to the needs of those who choose us and invest in building a relationship with them.


Quality is not a mere theoretical term for PLATON DIAGNOSIS. It is reflected in practice every time we select an option or undertake an action. Our state of the art equipment, the high level of scientific expertise and sound daily practices are certified through the strictest quality assessment procedures in compliance with international standards.

A Dynamic Presence
The New Laboratories

The four PLATON DIAGNOSIS laboratories in Thessaloniki [Sofouli, Pylea, Kalamaria, Svolou] have become reference points due to their infrastructure and high level services. This is what paved the way for establishing two new diagnostic laboratories in Athens [Glyfada, Vouliagmeni] staffed with highly qualified experts and equipped with advanced medical technology.

Corporate Social Responsibility

We lead an active life and invest in an improving the world. We are interested in people and want to contribute towards advancing the quality of their lives. Part of our corporate responsibility is our duty to stand by those who are in need through corporate support and aid policies.