Ultrasound System

Lab Cardiology <br>Ultrasound System

EPIQ CVx cardiology ultrasound system uses state-of-the-art technology to provide the best Ultrasound imaging, with more clarity & sharpness, improved exam efficiencies.

The main advantage of the new Cardiology Ultrasound System is the excellent 3D image quality, due to OLED technology, highlighting every detail during the examination.

EPIQ CVx cardiology ultrasound system allows specialized examinations to be performed, such as: 3D Stress Echo & Perfusion

Computerised Axial

Lab Computerised Axial <br>Tomography

The new SIEMENS SOMATOM go.Top is a state-of-the art computerised tomography machine.

It a CT 128-slice scanning machine of innovative technology meeting a full range of examinations with high spatial image analysis that ensures reliable results.

The main advantages of this new CT scan machine is a faster process, improved experience for clients and lower radiation dosage combined with advanced imaging capacity.

Faster processing and improved experience are achieved through the use of a tablet by the technologist performing the examination; this allows them to remain by the patients for most part of the examination offering them a comforting sense of security. Furthermore, the remote control technology for placing the patient and the use of the machine’s FAST 3D Camera that keeps monitoring the patient’s position during the examination contribute to their comfort and enhance the Mobile Workflow technology.

Besides, the advanced Syngo VA40A software allows specialised examinations to be performed, such as: Axial coronary angiography, axial heart tomography, angiographic imaging, paediatric low radiation protocols and low dose chest CT scans.


Magnetic Resonance
Tomography Machine

Lab Magnetic Resonance <br>Tomography Machine

MAGNETOM® AVANTO is a breakthrough model for 1.5T MRI imaging. Its technology, combined with the Tim + dot system, results in reduced noise and offers the possibility of full body imaging. It also provides comfort for the person being examined.

The full range of specialised imaging examinations is available:

  • Head and Body Magnetic Resonance Angiography
  • Magnetic resonance cholangiopancreatography (MRCP)
  • Magnetic Resonance Urography (MRU)
  • Magnetic Resonance detection of Fe deposition
  • Magnetic Resonance measurement of liver fat fraction and steatosis level
  • Magnetic Resonance Urography (MRU)


Lab Radiology <br>Equipment

The Radiology Department is equipped with state of the art machinery warranting ideal imaging of body organs. The full range of X-rays for the entire human body is covered.

There is also the option of contrast agent administration to enhance image resolution and reveal any issues that might trouble the human organism.

Digital Mammography

Lab Digital Mammography <br>Equipment

Mammorgraphy is a method using X-rays to image and assess breast structures and changes. PLATON Pylea diagnostic centre is equipped with a low radiation dose (Prime Edition) Mammography machine, which is also capable of focusing, magnifying and fusing images.

Digital Mammography is an ordinary radiological examination that detects breast problems, whether it concerns some disorder in breast architecture or a tumour growth or the presence of suspicious microcalcifications.

Breast ultrasound examination is closely related to mammography and it could be useful to have a recent mammogram of the patient before assessing ultrasound results. In most cases mammograph should be combined with a U/S examination.

There is an additional possibility of breast elastographic imaging; this is a new ultrasound examination that measures tissue elasticity. It is performed during an ultrasound examination and indicates if a nodule is soft or hard. If a nodule is hard it is more likely to be malignant.

Finally, it is essential to underline that the combination of Digital Mammography (DB), Tomosynthesis (DBT), US and Elastography (breast) fully covers breast examination. If some special cases a breast MRI may be required.

(Image Fusion)

Lab Tomosynthesis <br>(Image Fusion)

Tomosynthesis is the most recent development in mammography.

It provides higher resolution images to help detect smaller tumours and clarify suspicious findings.

It can also provide 3D images and take 25 independent two-dimensional (2D) images. This ensures a full image of the breast and potential lesions.

Bone Density

Osteoporosis is a bone disease characterised by progressive depletion of bone density, which increases fracture risk. Normal bone tissue comprises a grid of collagen and calcium. Osteoporosis causes loss of both elements and renders bones weaker.

The machine operating at Pylea PLATON is of the latest technology generation and can perform all necessary examinations related to bone density, bone age, bone fat analysis and full body measurement. The equipment provides fast and highly accurate measurements and is extremely effective with an exceptionally low radiation dosage (up to 10fold lower compared to other systems). Furthermore, the main advantage of the machine, related to all others, is that it completes the examination in 10 minutes providing very good analysis.

As for its other advantages:

  • Advanced FAN Beam innovative technology
    Capacity to scan the region of interest longitudinally, thus achieving higher success rates in the lowest possible dose examination.
  • Capacity to examine large individuals – ideal for obese people.
    Laser assisted correct focusing on the anatomical region to be examined. Clear images without distortion when magnified.


Electromyography Equipment
Electroencephalography Equipment


The laboratories feature equipment manufactured by top international firms.


Lab Orthopantomography <br>Equipment

The new generation dental computerised tomographer offers the advantage of performing examinations within a few seconds at exceptionally low radiation dose.

  • Panoramic X-rays (imaging coefficient 1:1) with 1.25 magnification. Low radiation dose programme available specifically for children. Specifically designed/made to limit artifacts. The significance of the coefficient is that it helps better calculation of the root depth, a cyst size, etc.
  • Cephalometric Radiography
  • Temporomandibular joint Radiology
  • BITEWING Radiology of
  • Posterior and Anterior Teeth


Ultrasound Equipment
Stress Test Equipment
Holter Heart Rhythm monitoring
Holter Blood Pressure monitoring
Stress Echo


PLATON Ultrasonography machines are equipped with a range of U/S probes & operational programmes.

The equipment can perform all diagnostic examinations, such as:

Body ultrasonography
Upper-Lower abdomen, Pancreas, Spleen, Kidneys, Urinary bladder, Live, Thyroid gland, Breast, Soft tissues

Transvaginal Ultrasound
Uterus – ovaries

Elastography is a simple, fast and painless method for measuring tissue elasticity and hardness. It is performed during an U/S examination of a palpable or mammary finding that needs investigation. Elastography is considered to be a supplementary examination in preventive breast check-ups.

Sperm analyser

A sperm analyser is a hight technology IVD medical device, which bans subjectivity and provides standardised objective reports based on WHO 5th Criterion. (5th Edition, W.H.O.).