PLATON DIAGNOSIS considers the quality of its services
and soundness of its results matters of gravity.

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This is why external and independent
inter-laboratory audits are performed
by accredited agencies in the
following sectors:

Conventional Clinical Chemistry
Tumour (Neoplasm) Markers
Reproductive Hormones & Specific Proteins (HbA1c)
External Quality Assessment Programme for microbiological analyses (Medical School of National & Kapodistrian University of Athens).

Thirty two (32) controlled
quality procedures are performed
(18/07/2014), some of which are:

Auditing of Records & Documents
Non-compliance Checks
Corrective Actions
Preventive Actions
Continuous Laboratory Improvement
Internal Audits
Administration Reviews
Personnel Training
Infrastructure, Environmental Conditions, Medical Waste Management
Pre-analytical Phase of Testing
Analytical Phase of Testing
Post-analytical Phase of Testing
Laboratory Conditions Checks
Equipment Maintenance

The Quality Management System is 100% adapted
to the needs of laboratories. Such adherence to
quality and soundness has led to the laboratories
being certified according to ISO 9001:2015.